End of Summer Travel Plans


This means that summer time is almost over and Fall will be here very soon. Well we still have time for those last minute vacation plans. Here is an article From Town & Country that we felt could help you gather ideas for your end of summer travel plans. 


"There’s something special about summer. Maybe it’s the warm, sunny weather, maybe it’s those beaming blue skies, but whatever the reason, summer practically demands that you get out there and seize the day. As we move into the latter half of the season, now is the time to savor every last drop of summer’s beauty. The only question is, where are you going to go to make the most of those special summer days? To help plan out the perfect end-of-season escape, we’ve partnered with Le Méridien to unlock the best destinations to make sure you live every last day of summer to the fullest.”


Click/Copy the link below to read the FULL ARTICLE. 


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